Air Healthy, planet healthy

Healthy air, healthy planet

Air, as we all know, is essential for life. Being the main source of oxygen on the planet, without it, no form of life would be possible.

Proclaimed by the UN, on September 7, the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies was celebrated.

Its main objective is the research, development, improvement and implementation of new practices that allow improving the air quality, thus contributing to the well-being of the population.


Assuming that we all breathe the same air, it should be noted that air pollution has no borders. Together, we must assume the collective responsibility of caring for the environment to enjoy its optimal quality, while ensuring the future.


EccoFreight, calculating and reducing CO2 emissions since 2014.


Air quality, together with the great challenge of reducing air pollution rates, is something that we have been clear about in EccoFreight.


Since our beginnings, concern for the environment has been fundamental to offer all our clients a totally differentiated service based on sustainability, and which has positioned us as a leading company in the sector.

Thanks to our technology of the latest generation, we have developed the platform Ecologistics360 with which we calculate and reduce CO2 emissions in the transport of goods worldwide.


In our desire to generate environmental awareness both nationally and internationally, in 2021 we created EccoNetwork, the first and only community worldwide forwarders united by the sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint in the transportation of goods. Currently the community already has more than 30 members, calculating and reducing CO2 emissions in the countries with which they operate.


In addition, we collaborate in environmental compensation projects, such as, for example, the reforestation of desertified areas of the country. Currently, EccoForest It already has more than 2.500 native species planted, hoping to close the year with the planting of another 1.000 more.