Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Local Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience and extensive local knowledge of the US, Asian countries and the Middle East . We have local teams to drive efficiency and optimize your operations.

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in the transportation of commodities in sectors such as: food/grain, industrial, minerals, etc.
with the main carriers in the following trades/markets: Asia, IPAK, FAE, LATAM, USA, Middle East.
We ensure the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the entire process, at all points of the logistics chain.


Logistic Solutions

Dynamic planning

We design a "Master Plan" with each client. We ensure that we respond to changes in the links in the chain by adjusting quickly to any new priorities or circumstances that arise - changes in demand/logistical forecasts/new opportunities, etc.

Operational flexibility

We adapt to variations in cargo volumes and delivery requirements, providing customized solutions according to customer/commodity needs and circumstances.

Advanced tracking

Our advanced tracking system allows for accurate online and on-time tracking, and integrates customized and detailed reporting on the status of your cargo.

Just-in-time inventories

We implement practices that reduce inventory levels without compromising product availability, improving efficiency and reducing overall supply chain costs.

Time reduction

We are continuously working to compress the supply chain cycle.


to minimize the costs of the logistics chain.



Technological developments

Excellence in each link of the chain

At EccoFreight, we develop technological tools that optimize the entire process.

Integrated Management Systems
we develop technological systems that integrate all supply chain functions for more efficient management.
Traceability and visibility
We use technologies such as IoT to provide full traceability and end-to-end visibility into the supply chain.

Commitment to the


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A comprehensive supply chain solution sustainable effective advanced nimble


Using state-of-the-art technology developed under the international GLEC framework, we calculate the CO2 emissions of all your cargoes.


We compare all your routes to assess the environmental impact of your operations.


Achieve CO2 emission reductions without changing your logistics strategy.
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We drive positive change.

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