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Discover our cutting-edge technology specialized in the calculation and reduction of CO2 emissions in freight transport.

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Developed under the GLEC system for carbon footprint calculation and certified by the ISO14001 and ISO9001 systems.

Encrypted data for greater security when managing your cargoes
Developed under the GLEC environment. Calculates the details of each transport section, including distance, type of vehicle, etc.
Prepare and communicate your emissions report in less than a minute .
API for easy data exchange and synchronization.


Tracking of your cargo from the beginning to the end of the shipment

Secure and private access

to all your information through personalized passwords

Real-time status

and history of completed loads on the same platform

Viewing and archiving

of documents for each load

Charging/discharging control

by means of on/off images

Business Intelligence

Centralize your processes in a single platform. Plan your cargo in a smartand intuitive way with just one click.

State-of-the-art technology

Automation to optimize your processes

Visualize your movements, routes, geographic regions, prices, equipment and carriers.

and make better decisions based on your data
Total and reduced CO2 emissions
broken down by type of transport
Customized reports
available in different formats for sharing and downloading
Freight Forecast