EccoFreight celebrates 10 years de leadership en sustainability: Un commitment with el planet y el future

EccoFreight celebrates 10 years of leadership in sustainability: A commitment to the planet and the future

EccoFreight, leading Spanish freight forwarding company in sustainability, celebrates its tenth anniversary with a positive balance and a firm commitment to the decarbonization of freight transport. In 2023, the company achieved a reduction of more than 196.000 tons of CO2 in its logistics operations, consolidating itself as a key actor in the fight against climate change.

A path towards sustainability

Since its founding in 2014, EccoFreight has made sustainability its flagship added value. The company has developed a number of innovative solutions, such as CarbonTech and EccoNetwork, that allow its customers to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

"At EccoFreight, “We believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but a shared responsibility,” says Fernando Giménez-Guervós, CEO of the company. “We are proud to be pioneers in this area and to contribute to a greener future for the planet.”

EccoFreight: More than a forwarder.

EccoFreight offers a wide range of logistics services, but its focus on sustainability sets it apart from its competitors. The company goes beyond simply transporting goods, offering its customers comprehensive solutions that help them reduce their environmental impact.

Eccologistics360: The platform that revolutionizes sustainable logistics.

EccoFreight has developed Ecologistics360, an innovative platform that combines sustainability and a powerful Business Intelligence tool. This platform allows users to view all their logistics and sustainability information on a single screen, make more efficient decisions and reduce their carbon footprint.

A commitment to social responsibility

The company also stands out for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company participates in numerous solidarity activities and collaborates with NGOs such as “olVIDAdos”, which distributes food and grants dining scholarships to those most in need.

A green future ahead

EccoFreight It projects into the future with a firm commitment to sustainability. The company aims to continue innovating and developing solutions that allow its clients to reduce their environmental impact.

As part of its tenth anniversary, EccoFreight announces the planting of a new forest of 1.000 trees in the Community of Madrid. This initiative is part of EccoForest, a reforestation project that seeks to offset the carbon footprint of the company and its clients.

EccoFreight: Leading the change. 

In a sector where sustainability is not yet a priority for everyone, EccoFreight has become an example to follow. The company has shown that it is possible to be profitable and, at the same time, contribute to the protection of the planet.