Ultimatum for avoid a catastrophe climate.

Ultimatum to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The latest report from the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change (IPCC), presented this Monday, April 4, ensures that, by taking immediate measures, we would be in time to limit the increase in temperature to 1,5ºC.


To achieve this goal we should take immediate and significant measures such as, for example, reaching peak emissions in 2025, stopping using coal by 2050, reducing gas and oil consumption by 60%-70%, among others.

Hoesung Lee, head of the IPCC, has stated in the third and final part of his Sixth Grand Assessment Report, that “We have the tools and knowledge necessary to limit warming.”

This document, the largest analysis of climate change to date, contains a clear warning: If global emissions do not peak and begin to decline by 2025, it will be almost impossible to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Emissions continue to increase.


Although in 2015, the Paris Agreement was signed by different governments around the world, during the period 2010-2019, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions have continued to grow in all major economic sectors, according to the report.

If this situation continues, it will lead to serious consequences such as a warming of 3,2ºC by the end of the century, which is more than double the current warming. Lee has also stated in this report that: “The decisions we make now will ensure a livable future.”

The IPCC estimates that this increase will stabilize when we achieve “Net Zero” emissions or climate neutrality. This would occur when the sum of the gases we emit, as well as those that the planet can absorb, is zero.

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