EccoFreight is one of the 500 leading growth companies in Spain.

Complying with the analyzed criteria in terms of turnover, sustained growth, size and profitability, EccoFreight was selected last week as a CEPYME 500 company.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CEPYME) promoted a project that identifies, selects and promotes a group of 500 companies that are leading the country's business growth.

Gerardo Cueva, president of CEPYME, was in charge of presenting the awards at the gala held on Wednesday, December 14 at the CEPYME headquarters. Fernando Giménez-Guervós (CEO of EccoFreight) together with Kenia Saldaña (Sustainability and Quality Manager) and Ismael Pérez (Marketing Manager) received the EccoFreight award.

"EccoFreight is a global logistics company founded on the firm purpose of creating environmental awareness. Sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity to secure the future of business and society."

Fernando Giménez-Guervós said at the award ceremony.

More than 8 years of sustainability, innovation, technology and growth.

Thanks to its staff of more than 40 professionals in the sector, distributed in its 3 offices in Madrid, Valencia and Seville, EccoFreight will celebrate its 9th anniversary this year 2023.

With steady growth, the company expects to reach 100 million euros in sales by the end of 2022.

EccoFreight continues its worldwide expansion with EccoNetwork, its most international project. EccoNetwork is the first global community of forwarders united by sustainability and a common interest in minimizing the environmental impact of freight transportation.

EccoNetwork members have access to Eccologistics360. The first digital platform applied to transportation capable of calculating and simulating alternatives to reduce emissions through the combined search of cleaner routes by distance and means of transport.

EccoNetwork cuenta con miembros en más de 30 países y espera duplicar esta cifra para el próximo año 2023.

EccoFreight team wishes you happy holidays and a happy and sustainable 2023 year.