Renewing our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact

In order to promote transparency with our stakeholders, in this report, EccoFreight has reflected the actions they have taken during the year 2021 to integrate the 10 principles.

Con el fin de fomentar la transparencia con nuestros grupos de interés, en este informe, EccoFreight ha reflejado las medidas que han adoptado durante el año 2021 para integrar los 10 principios.

These principles contained in the corporate strategy of the Global Compact are related to human rights, labor, anti-corruption and the environment, while detailing which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) each of the measures adopted is identified with.

Thanks to the effort and dedication of all the organization's employees, "at EccoFreight we are fully convinced that we will be able to achieve these objectives," company says.

"With our sights set on 2030, our commitment to the Global Compact involves the development of continuous improvement processes in the different activities we carry out at EccoFreight that affect all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, the environment and the community" said Fernando Giménez-Guervós, CEO of EccoFreight.

Committed to sustainability and environmental awareness

Our strong commitment to sustainability stems from a very simple statement: to meet the challenge of continuing to improve operational efficiency in the international trade industry without neglecting the future of the planet for a second.

At EccoFreight, in addition to promoting environmental care, we also promote the care of all their human capital, whether they are employees, customers or partners.

At EccoFreight we advocate that "Sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity to ensure the future of both business and society".

As a result of this statement, in EccoFreight we develop all our services and projects in accordance with current legal regulations, professional ethics and internal requirements of the company, being clearly reflected in the company's policy and our code of ethics, through which we promote our values among all employees, as well as at all levels.

The full report is now available on the Global Compact portal, as well as on our website: https://ecco-freight.com/rsc/